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WOW Bubbles™ have passed SGS test reports.  They are also CE Certified which is the certification required by European standards.  CE is recognized by American standards. Our 100% TPU products are of the highest quality available.
All bubbles come with an industry best TIZIP watertight zipper with flap, zipper lubricant, two handles, two loops, a large number to designate each bubble and a patch kit, just in case.
The pools are made of top quality PVC coated tarpaulin material and can be custom made to many different shapes and sizes. The bubbles also come in many different sizes as well. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page if you would like to have bubbles or a pool custom made to your specifications.

To place an order simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and a representative will contact you shortly.

TPU WOW Bubbles™                 
- (2m dia, 0.8mm Thermo-Plastic Polyurethane material)

The TPU WOW Bubbles™
are of the highest quality which quite easily justifies the cost. 
Ideal for high traffic commercial use or for the customer who simply prefers top quality.

*Recommended for Commercial Use.

TPU WOW Bubble    $500.00    each

PVC coated tarpaulin 
WOW Bubbles™
- (0.6mm Poly-Vinyl Chloride coated tarpaulin material)

The WOW Bubbles™
Pools are inflatable making them very portable. It comes with an air pump and patch kit, just in case. 6x10m pool fits easily 5-7 bubbles. Also comes with optional inflatable detachable tent.


1 - 6x10x.6m Pool    $2000.00    

1 - 6x10x.6m Pool with Tent    $3500.00    

TPU Xorbing™ balls

Our TPU Xorbs are made of the best quality materials and are meant for commercial use. Suitable for use on grass, concrete, sand, snow and water. Order them with no harnesses for ground and water use or with removable harnesses for flat ground and incline use. 

Custom design and colors available.

TPU Xorb  starting at $1700.00 each

Xorb with removable harness  starting at  $2100 each


WOW Bubbles™ 
Commercial Package

Our WOW Bubbles™ business in a box gives you just about everything you need to run your own highly profitable setup.

WOW Bubbles Commercial Package
(Free shipping!)

  • 5 WOW Bubbles™ (5 bubbles allow for easy and efficient rotation of customers.  4 Bubbles are in the water while 1 Bubble is being switched.)
  • 1 6m x 10m x .6m pool with air pump
  • 1 detachable inflatable tent 
  • 1 Air Blower 9 Amp 
  • 1 Safety/Pricing Banner
  • WOW Bubbles™ logo shirts
  • Training & Assistance negotiating, finding and securing locations.
  • Repair kits and zipper lube
  • Online customer support and promotional material
  • Customized webpage promotion for your specific WOW Bubbles™ operation.
  • Instant credibility with references that include amusement parks, shopping centers, resorts, county and state fairs.

*Licensing & Start Up Fee included in price.   ($2000.00)
Total Cost: $8500.00     



Commercial Package

Our Xorbing™ business in a box gives you just about everything you need to run your own highly profitable setup.

Xorbing Commercial Package
(Shipping Included)

  • 4 Xorbing™ balls (4 Xorbs allows for easy and efficient rotation of customers.)
  • 2 Xorb Air Pumps 
  • 1 Safety/ Pricing Banner 
  • Xorbing™ stitched logo polo shirts
  • Training & Assistance finding and securing locations.
  • Repair kits
  • Online customer support and promotional material
  • Customized webpage promotion for your specific Xorbing™ operation.
  • Instant credibility with references including amusement parks, shopping centers, resorts county and state fairs.

*Licensing & Start Up Fee included in price.   ($2000.00)
Total Cost: $9000.00    

                           WOW Bubbles Polo                                                               Xorbing Polo     


$30 Each  Men and Womens sizes SM, MED, LG, XL
Shipping fees apply. Call to order.

TIZIP zipper lubricant

$10 each with free shipping.

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